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Ortsteil Dörlinbach

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In 1270 Schuttertal was documentarily mentioned for the first time as one of the places in the valley with the same name, which at that time were allocated to the Dominican convent to preach and to ask alms.

When the land of Geroldseck was separated in 1277 Schuttertal was given to the lineage of Geroldseck-Hohengeroldseck. Bailiff William of Schuttertal was one of the witnesses when the contract was legalized. In the 15th century the family which appeared with him is traceable for the last time (Finkbeiner, the noblemen of Schuttertal).

Different families were feudality owners of private properties of Geroldseck. So, in the 15th century the von Waldstein enfeoffed "das hus und burg zu Schutterdale, gelegen by sant anthonien mit huß und hoff vor dem schlosse gelagen". In 1431 Gangolf and Walther von Hohengeroldseck bought back these and other feudal tenures "umb drey hundert und fuenffzehen Guldin, gutter Straßburger Werung". In 1482 the place and further villages were sold to margrave Christoph 1st of Baden for repurchase, and only in 1539 it came back to the hereditary mastery.

The noblemen of Schuttertal called bailiffs, knights and noble servants in different documents, belonged to the lower nobility and number among vassals of Geroldseck. 

Until 1819 Schuttertal was a part of the mastery of Geroldseck, then the village came to Baden as an independent community. Since 1974 Schuttertal is now a district of the community with the same name.


A blue wave beam on silver.
In the beginning of the 19th century there was a brook in the seal of the community; Inscription "VOGTEY SCHUTTERTHAL".

After the suggestion of the general national archives the community accepted the shown emblem in 1900. End of the fifties there were two small balls, one over and another one under the wave beam. One could not find out the reason for this. According to the instructions of the national archives it was decided to waive these "ingredients" from 1961 on.

Until the proclamation of the local order of Baden in 1832 the Bailiwick Schuttertal probably had no own seal. Because, when in 1598 bailiff and court declared themselves prepared to be liable for a sum of 4000 Gulden against the seriously indebted count of Hohengeroldseck, the bailiwick did not possess an own seal. Due to the fact that bailiff and 12 members court "khein eigen Insigel gebrauchen" the people of Schuttertal borrowed the seal from their dear neighbour, the bailiff and court of Berghaupten.

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